Celgene Perspective on Value

US Capitol buildingThanks to medical innovation, patients are living longer, healthier and more productive lives, a benefit that extends across the entire healthcare ecosystem to society as a whole. The key to breakthroughs in medicine is innovation which is a virtuous cycle that requires patient access to these advances and further investment.

At Celgene, we have taken a holistic and long-term approach to assessing the value of our innovative medicines and ensuring that this value is also reflected in the manner in which we price our medicines. It is our goal to clearly define how Celgene measures the value of our medicines. We seek to develop therapies that are capable of improving patient outcomes and their quality of life with benefits that can extend to the surrounding health system, the economy, and even the perpetuation of innovation within our society.

To learn more about how we approach the concept of value, click here to view the 2018 Value and Innovation Framework Report.

Additional information about Celgene’s perspective on the value of medical innovation can be found on our Value page.

Introducting Celgene Value Hub