2015 Awards Criteria, Scope & Restrictions



Submissions must demonstrate excellence in the following criteria categories:

  • Inspired innovation: Application exhibits a thoughtful, creative and innovative approach to incorporating the Patient Voice within the drug discovery and development continuum. A solution is clearly identified either through:
    • Existing program to be grown or expanded;
    • Pilot project with measurable results; or
    • New data-based idea that requires initial funding
  • Measurable impact: Application clearly states how patient’s lives will be improved, enhanced or transformed through clearly defined goals and milestones.
  • Metrics for success: Application includes qualitative and/or quantitative measures that demonstrate how program will be evaluated, monitored and improved upon.
  • Community collaboration:  Application includes the identification of partners that have the ability to advance the initiative, which may include: other non-profit organizations and/or associations, research and/or academic institutions, government agencies (e.g. FDA), etc.  Please note that awards will only be granted to the primary not-for-profit organization submitting the application.


  • Applications must address an identified gap to including the patient voice in the drug discovery and development continuum. Gaps may include those identified by Celgene here or a gap identified by the submitting organization.
  • Applications are restricted to patient and professional organizations and associations with an interest in hematology, oncology and immune-inflammatory conditions in disease areas where Celgene has a presence (approved products or pipeline).
  • Organizations must be classified as a not-for-profit and headquartered in the United States.
  • Consideration for awards will not be given to individuals, medical facilities or research institutions. Nor will applications be accepted for pre-clinical, clinical or translational research programs
  • Applications will be accepted for:
    • Existing program to be grown or expanded;
    • Pilot project with measurable results; or
    • New data-based idea that requires initial funding
  • Applications may be for initiatives that are either one or two year projects and winners may elect to have monetary award in one lump sum or two payments over two years (award amount remains the same).
  • Each organization may submit only one entry for one specific activity or program.
  • Applications must be submitted using the online application form found at http://www.innovationimpact.com.

Read the Terms & Conditions and Official Rules here

Organizations must submit a completed application form by the deadline: 11:59 pm EDT, July 31, 2015.