New Features in 2016

The Celgene Patient Advocacy team is pleased to announce several exciting new features added to the 2016 Innovation Impact award program:

Video Applications

For the first time ever, we are only accepting video submissions as applications for the Innovation Impact award program! The videos should be three to four minutes in length (absolute maximum of five minutes) and must address the following questions:

  • WHO is the population you are trying to reach and WHY?
  • WHAT specific problem(s) does your initiative intend to solve?
  • DESCRIBE your solution. WHAT makes it innovative?
  • HOW will you know you’ve been successful?

Check out these tips and resources for help and inspiration in developing and producing your video applications.

Process graphic

Enhanced Opportunities for Top Ten Finalists

Those video submissions advancing to the Top Ten will be reviewed by our external panel of judges, prior to the submission of written applications.  To enhance the role of our judges this year and give our Top Ten finalists added insight to strengthen their applications, judges will have the opportunity to ask questions and ask for further clarification on topics addressed in submission videos.

Additionally, Top Ten finalists will have the opportunity to participate in a customized coaching session with Strategy and Innovation Coach, Steve Teller, who will offer suggestions on how to strengthen applicant’s metrics, strategy and solutions. Steve has 18 years of health-related experience developing and executing strategies for business growth and enhanced operational performance.

Top Ten finalists will be invited to submit a companion written application and a one-page detailed budget.

Award Amounts

Three winners will be selected to receive $100,000 each for their initiatives. Judges will select the best initiatives, regardless of applicant organization disease area (oncology, hematology and immune-inflammatory conditions). The total of the 2016 program will not exceed $300,000.