2019 Innovation Impact Award


We’re thrilled to announce this year’s award theme: Investing in Your Organizational Success! Any organization needs to invest in capacity building and skill development in order to further their mission. However, funding for skill-building; professional education; and staff, board, or volunteer development is often scarce for non-profit organizations. If given the opportunity, how would you in invest in your organization to ensure you can continue responding to the needs and desires of the communities you serve?

Through the 2019 Innovation Impact award program, Celgene seeks to empower the patient and professional non-profit community to invest in their organizations to develop, grow and ultimately advance their ability to serve their constituencies.

This year, we’re taking a brand new approach: for the first time since the program’s inception, we’ll be awarding the largest number of prizes and the judging panel will be comprised of Celgene Patient Advocacy Team members! The team is excited to be part of the judging process that will allow 20 organizations to invest in themselves.

Twenty (20) Awards, in the amount of $10,000 each, will be announced on July 9!

Lastly, we’ve simplified the application process further by providing clear scoring criteria so you know exactly how your application will be judged. Your application will be scored based on the following rubric:

Scoring Rubric Strongly
Agree Neither Agree
nor Disagree
Disagree Strongly
Application clearly describes the challenge or need
Application has clear, concrete capacity solution to address the challenge or need
Application clearly describes the population or program that will benefit from the capacity building
Application clearly describes how success or impact can be determined or measured

Thank you in advance for participating in this competition and good luck!