Patient Support

We embrace our responsibilities to patients today by access to our medicines, and to patients tomorrow by ensuring that we can invest in future medical innovations that will help treat debilitating diseases.

Celgene Patient Support® — US

This US-based program helps patients access the Celgene Hematology or Oncology medication their physicians have prescribed. Celgene Patient Support Specialists come from varied backgrounds, having worked as nurses, pharmacists, and social workers and in other healthcare roles supporting patients.

Celgene Patient Support® provides:

  • A single Celgene Patient Support® Specialist assigned to help patients in your geographical area
  • Assistance with understanding patient insurance coverage for Celgene medications
  • Celgene Commercial Co-Pay Program for eligible patients with commercial or private insurance (including healthcare exchanges)*
  • Information about financial assistance for prescribed Celgene medications
    * Other eligibility requirements and restrictions apply. Please see full Terms and Conditions on the Celgene Patient Support website

Celgene Patient Support® provides patients with help accessing Celgene medications.

No matter what type of insurance your patients have, a Celgene Patient Support® Specialist can assist with accessing the Celgene medications you have prescribed. You and your patients will speak to the same Specialist every time you call.

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Otezla® SupportPlus™

SupportPlus™ is an exclusive program for people taking Otezla® (apremilast), as well as those looking for more information on treatment. It’s designed to support you every step of the way. It offers support throughout your journey, including information on receiving your Otezla prescription, how to save on treatment, and more.

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