Access Accelerated

Not Defined By DiseaseAccess Accelerated is a partnership of 24 biopharmaceutical companies, including Celgene, developing innovative and sustainable solutions to improve access to treatment and care for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) — such as cancer — in low- and middle-income countries. NCDs are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide and bring untold suffering to patients and their families. According to the World Health Organization, NCDs such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes and mental health conditions are responsible for 38 million deaths annually.

Infectious diseases like AIDS, Ebola and malaria have dominated global health interventions, conversations and investments for many years. However, in the midst of these epidemics and outbreaks, noncommunicable diseases have emerged as an additional public health crisis, creating a double burden for people in low- and middle-income countries.

80% of deaths from noncommunicable diseases occur in low- and middle- income countries*

While an aging population and increased risk due to lifestyle choices are contributing factors to the growing burden of NCDs in low- and middle-income countries, these countries also have under-resourced health care systems with multiple barriers that limit access to diagnosis, treatment and care.

If this trend persists, we risk losing many years of progress in global health and economic development. In order to both protect the gains we have made in past decades and advance progress in the future, we must:

  • WORK TOGETHER: Across the industry, across health systems and sectors — truly answering the call to partnership outlined in UN Sustainable Development Goal 17.
  • ACCELERATE WHAT’S WORKING: While many companies have individual efforts, we need a common framework for analyzing what’s working, what’s not and scaling solutions that remove barriers to care.
  • FIND SOLUTIONS ACROSS THE SYSTEM THAT WORK FOR PATIENTS: As we strive to overcome barriers, from a shortage of qualified health care workers to supply chain bottlenecks, pilots need to be designed and scaled to find solutions that focus on patients.

The lessons across companies’ individual programs, and the collective opportunities to avoid duplication and fragmentation of efforts, will be the foundation and engine for what we can accomplish with Access Accelerated.

Our first disease-specific partnership, with an initial focus on cancer, provides foundational support for the Union for International Cancer Controls C/Can 2025: City Cancer Challenge. This effort supports the development of effective, sustainable cancer care delivery in cities with a population above one million.

Together, our goal is to help people lead longer, healthier lives — no matter where they live.

Click here to download the Access Accelerated Year One Report.

More information about Access Accelerated can be found here.