Environmental Management

The Celgene environmental management approach incorporates best practices and programs related to energy, water, waste, transportation, and supply chain operations within our company. Our approach includes:

  • Researching and implementing projects to reduce environmental impacts that generate measurable and meaningful results
  • Realizing risks and opportunities related to climate change
  • Educating and motivating our employees to participate in environmental stewardship plans
  • Reporting and disclosing the Company’s environmental performance and progress

Through our Sustainability Committee, we are encouraging employee participation and enhancing education with the goal of reducing the company’s carbon footprint. We have outlined accounting and measurement strategies in Celgene’s Carbon Management Inventory Management Plan and include references from the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the Climate Registry, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Climate Leaders Greenhouse Gas Inventory Protocols, and the World Business Council for Sustainability Development’s Water Tool.