Celgene expects its suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions while operating at high ethical standards and adhering to fair business practices. These suppliers are part of regional, national, and international supply chains that are involved in the manufacturing process for Celgene therapies.

Celgene Strategic Sourcing Process

Celgene procurement follows a strategic sourcing process to identify the best suppliers and works with internal teams to ensure that we obtain the best value from our suppliers in terms of quality, cost, service, and delivery. We understand the value these businesses bring to Celgene and strongly encourage them to participate in our competitive bidding processes. We appreciate the benefits of supplier diversity and consider small and diverse businesses to be an asset to our company and are continually seeking to develop long-term relationships with suppliers in the Small Business Administration (SBA) program, including:

Small businesses

  • Minority-owned businesses (small/large)
  • Women-owned businesses (small/large)
  • Small disadvantaged businesses (SDB)
  • Historically underutilized- business-zone businesses
  • Veteran-owned and service- disabled veteran-owned businesses (small/large)


Celgene recognizes the value and importance of a diverse supplier base and makes it part of our commitment to the communities we serve.

Celgene had business transactions with 271 Small Business Association (SBA) suppliers in 2016, which represents about 4.2 percent of the suppliers used through US general sourcing. Many of these suppliers represent more than one type of SBA category, furthering our goal of developing our business collaboration with diverse suppliers. We look to leverage our outreach efforts to potentially introduce us to new sources of business and a chance of aligning our needs with another company’s resources and expertise to further enhance our database of suppliers.