Purposes of Posting Clinical Study Report (CSR) Synopses

Celgene is committed to responsible and transparent sharing of clinical trial data with patients, healthcare practitioners and independent researchers for the purpose of improving scientific and medical knowledge and promoting innovative treatment approaches.

The purpose of the CSR synopses posting is to increase transparency of Celgene clinical trials by making objective, scientific information about those clinical trials publicly available. CSR synopses results posted on this website are sponsored by Celgene.

The nature and purpose of the CSR synopses posting is strictly non-promotional.

The CSR synopses posting may contain information about clinical trials on products and/or indications (diseases) which have not been approved in your country.

The information in the CSR synopses posting is not intended to be used as prescribing information, and should not be used as such. It has not been approved for this purpose under the applicable regulations.

Members of the public should consult a healthcare professional for medical advice rather than relying on the information in the CSR synopses posting to draw any conclusions about healthcare products, treatments or treatment options.

The CSR synopses posting is for informational purposes only and is not intended to have any legally binding effect.

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Product Names

lenalidomide / Revlimid®