Clinical Study Report (CSR) Synopses

Clinical Study Report (CSR) Synopses Information

The information contained in the CSR synopsis is the property of Celgene. Certain information in the CSR synopsis is redacted (replaced with gray space), while maintaining the original spacing and pagination, to protect patient privacy. Celgene may further have legal or contractual obligations not to disclose commercial or technical information provided by or related to certain partner companies or vendors. Hyperlinks within the synopsis will not be functional. Attachments with identifiable patient information will not be accessible within the synopsis. Information about Celgene’s Clinical Trial Data Sharing Policy may be accessed by using the following link.

How to Find a Celgene Clinical Study Report (CSR) Synopsis

To access the CSR synopsis for a clinical trial, click on the product name noted below.  You will be directed to a page providing a list of clinical trials related to the product you selected.  You can then click on the PDF symbol (pdf_symbol) to view the CSR synopsis for that clinical trial.

The product lists will be updated if additional clinical trials are conducted, approved, and meet criteria for posting, as explained in the Celgene Clinical Trial Data Sharing Policy.

Product Names

lenalidomide / Revlimid®