Medical Affairs Grants

BMS Acquisition Announcement

Celgene is now part of Bristol-Myers Squibb creating a leading biopharma company positioned to help address the needs of patients with serious diseases.

From February 1, 2020, all new funding applications must be submitted through the Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporate Grants and Giving website. For Independent Medical Education (IME) and Scientific Advancement Grant (SAG) requests such as fellowships, investigator awards and closed/invite-only scientifically-based meetings, please refer to the Corporate Giving FAQ link below for more information.

To submit an application for an independent medical education (IME) grant, please visit:

To submit an application for a Scientific Advancement Grant (SAG), please visit:  

Please refer to the following for more information:

If you have already submitted an application through Celgene systems and have not received a decision, please do not submit a duplicate application. Bristol-Myers Squibb will review all pending applications, and will get back to you as soon as possible with a decision.

Many thanks for your continued patience during this transition period.


Otezla Divestiture Announcement

As a result of the acquisition of Celgene by Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the divestiture of Otezla® to Amgen, funding requests related to Otezla® (dermatology, rheumatology and Behcet’s Disease) are no longer being accepted on Celgene’s funding portal.

As of Thursday, November 21, 2019, Amgen will accept related funding requests as follows:


Celgene is a global biopharmaceutical company committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide.

Celgene supports this mission by providing support for Independent Medical Education (IME) grants and Scientific Advancement Grants (SAG). The Scientific Education department accepts applications for both educational and scientific advancement programs that are independently developed and targeted to US clinical and scientific professionals.

For more specific information and how to submit a grant request, please see more information in the funding categories below or to submit a grant application please select either “log-in” or “register now” for new users.

Independent Medical Education Grants

Independent Medical Education Grants

Funding provided for independent medical education programs (live and enduring activities) for US Healthcare Professionals which may be accredited or non-accredited and which aim to address knowledge or clinical practice gaps and improve patient care.
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Scientific Advancement Grants

Scientific Advancement Grants

Funding provided to support initiatives that aim to advance knowledge or understanding of clinical science, scientific techniques or information, or patient outcomes.
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For other funding types, please visit our funding page.