Grant Application Requirements

Supported programs must be independent, objective, balanced and scientifically rigorous. Grants cannot be tied, in any way, to past, present, or future prescribing, purchasing or recommending (including formulary recommendations) of any drug.

Types of educational grants eligible for funding:

  • Live Programs – face-to-face activity, live webinar, live web-streaming, live teleconference
  • Enduring Programming – archived web-based activity, web or mobile based formats such as Apps, print
  • Live and Enduring – combination of live and enduring activity

Educational providers requesting Celgene educational grant funding must submit an application via the Celgene Medical Education Grants website. The online application requires requestors to provide detailed information describing the program or activity for which funding is being requested. Required attachments include an agenda, budget, detailed program summary, learning objectives, program outcomes, 501(c)3 status letter (if applicable) and a current W9 form.

Requests for grant funding must be submitted at least 60 days before the scheduled program start date. Applications for a post Congress activity must be submitted 60 days prior to the start date of the Congress in order to be reviewed by the grant committee. The website will not allow the submission of grant requests less than 60 days before the program start date. While Celgene makes every effort to review grants in a timely manner, we can make no guarantees regarding the amount of time it will take to review a specific grant. Any request not approved prior to the program start date will be declined.

For purposes of the Letter of Agreement, please be aware the requestor (the party submitting the grant application) will be designated the program provider and the party receiving payment. The Letter of Agreement will be completed accordingly and will not be changed at any point in time thereafter.

If you have any questions with the application process, please contact Celgene Support at