Change of Scope

If your program has a Change of Scope (COS), it must be reviewed again by the Educational Grant Review Committee. All Change of Scopes must be entered into the grant database.

If a COS is needed, it should be submitted prior to the program start date that you provided on your grant application. A COS is required for changes to the program format, changes to the learning objectives or any change to the deliverables outlined in the original grant request. Please include the following information in your COS:

  • Reason for the change of scope
  • Side-by-side comparison of the changes to the scope of activity including learning objectives, program format, and revised or updated program budget
  • Revised start and end dates
  • Revised activity numbers for both live and enduring, if applicable

All program start or end date changes should be sent via email to The new program dates will be entered into the system by Celgene.

For further assistance, email Celgene Support at