How Transparency Can Help Transform the Health System

When it comes to changing our health system, the one thing everyone seems to agree on is the need for transparency. From patients to policymakers, and from physicians to pharmacists, there is a shared belief that if we can see more clearly where healthcare costs arise – and what kind of outcomes follow from that spending – we’ll be better able to make healthcare investments that deliver value for patients, health systems and society.

Celgene is striving to put transparency at the center of what we do. For us, it isn’t about just publishing a single number around a cost of a medicine, but rather providing a framework for how we actively share useful and relevant information with the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Here are some examples of the steps we have taken to build transparency:

  • We just published our second annual Value and Innovation Framework Report, which details how we define the critical topics of “value” and “innovation.” It offers a comprehensive perspective on how our medicines, R&D investments, and collaborations across the healthcare ecosystem benefit patients, health systems, the economy and society, and future innovation.
  • We have made public our Principles for the Pricing of Innovative Medicines, which include an explicit commitment that limits price increases “to no more than once a year and at a level no greater than medical inflation.”
  • We recently published our Patient-Centered Principles on Value Assessments, making clear how we believe our medicines should be weighed to determine their value and maximize the benefit to patients.
  • We made available online the list prices, together with real world patient cost sharing information, for our entire portfolio of medicines.

All of these resources are housed on the Celgene Value Hub, providing stakeholders a single, easily accessible online resource that makes finding Celgene’s perspective on these critical issues simple and straightforward.

While we’re proud of these efforts, we also recognize that transparency is not the solution for all the challenges in health care, nor is it something that Celgene and the innovative biopharmaceutical sector can solve for on its own. It requires the cooperation of stakeholders throughout the healthcare sector so that data, practices and perspectives are more readily available and can be used to make the best healthcare decisions and inform sustainable change. However, we believe that transparency is a necessary first step for the kinds of conversations that will allow us to bring life-changing, high-value treatments to patients, as well as the kinds of conversation that will help us build a stronger, more patient-centric health system.