Shifting Focus Up Toward Brain Health in Multiple Sclerosis

A national initiative taking a new perspective on Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Just ahead of World MS Day (May 30), Celgene has launched the MS MindShift campaign to help lift up the conversation around the importance of brain health for those living with MS.

The MS MindShift campaign aims to educate about the critical role the brain plays in MS and what people living with MS can do to keep their brain as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. In partnership with the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA), the campaign will help bring a new perspective to the way people think about the disease.

It’s crucial to educate around the importance of brain preservation, including how lifestyle changes may impact the way people live with MS.

To bring this new perspective on MS closer to the community, the campaign will host engaging, educational events in various cities, which kicked off in the New York City area last week. Select events will feature the MS MindShift Brain Bulb hot air balloon as a way to literally elevate the importance of having a “brain first” approach in MS.

Positive Lifestyle Changes May Promote Brain Health

Someone who understands the importance of brain health first hand is Jodi Johnson, a mother of two who was diagnosed with MS in 2008. When Jodi learned that exercise is the number one contributor to brain health, she started waking up every day with that intention in mind, to move on purpose, with no excuses.

“Supporting brain health through my lifestyle choices, such as meditation, exercise, practicing piano and playing challenging games with my children, tells me that I’m working against the effects of MS,” said Jodi. “It feels good knowing that these positive choices are making such a big impact.”

Supporting brain health through my lifestyle choices tells me that I’m working against the effects of MS.”

Jodi also understands the importance of having an open dialogue on these topics within the MS community: “It is important to have conversations about brain health and lifestyle to increase a greater awareness that allows people to learn about and try different modes of wellness for overall health and symptom management,” Jodi said. “With this fresh perspective on how MS affects brain health, it makes the lifestyle fundamentals easier to adopt.”

Jodi, along with other members of the MS community, will be participating in the MS MindShift events.

All of the MS MindShift events will give the MS community the opportunity to learn more about the campaign first hand and receive education materials. Select cities will feature the Brain Bulb Balloon and provide a chance to take a lift in the tethered hot air balloon while learning about a new perspective on MS. This summer, the MS MindShift events will be taking place in the NYC area, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

To learn more about the MS MindShift campaign, visit, or join the online community on Facebook. For more information about the MS MindShift events visit