How is this year’s award program different from last year?

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What should be included in the written application?

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Must my organization have an existing relationship with Celgene to apply for the “Innovation Impact” Award?

All organizations that meet the Criteria & Rules are welcome to apply. A prior or existing relationship with Celgene is not a requirement.

What if my organization has an existing relationship with a member(s) of the judging panel; will this have any influence on my application?

Our judges may know an organization that chooses to apply, but they also take their jobs very seriously and can be impartial in their evaluation of the applications submitted. Additionally, a scorecard is provided to the judges so that every submission is measured against the same criteria.

What constitutes an innovative program/initiative?

There are hundreds of definitions for the word, “innovation,” that are both general and customized to specific topics and/or industries.  Consultant Jeff Dance reviewed 30+ definitions and came up with one we really like:

Something fresh (new, original, or improved) that creates value”

In defining healthcare innovation, Lyle Berkowitz, MD, shares:

“. . . innovation started with a passionate individual or team trying to solve a problem with which they had a deep understanding.  They would try various iterations until they got something that worked and then maybe spread it to others.”

We have a program that has been in existence for a number of years (e.g. 5 – 10) and believe it to be innovative. Can we apply for an award in this program?

Yes, as long as your intention is to grow and expand the program and it addresses this year’s theme.

If my organization collaborates with another organization on an application, can we also submit an individual application as well?

Unfortunately, no.  Only one application per organization will be accepted, regardless of whether it is a collaboration.

When is the application deadline?

Organizations must submit a completed application video by the established deadline, 11:59pm EDT on Friday, July 28, 2017.

When will I be notified of my status?

Those organizations advancing to the Top Ten will be notified in early September.  Winners will be announced on November 14 during Innovation Tank in Summit, NJ.

If my organization were to win, are there restrictions on how the award money must be used?

Winners will receive a grant that must be applied to their proposed initiative.

What if my organization advances to the Top Five and we are unable to send a representative to participate in Innovation Tank on November 14?

If your organization is unable to attend Innovation Tank, Celgene will explore creative solutions to ensure your organization is represented, such as a video message or virtual participation.

If I have further questions, whom may I contact?

Celgene’s Advocacy Relations team can assist you with further questions you may have. You can contact them by visiting the “Contact Us” page.