2016 Awards Overview


In listening to the patient and professional advocacy community, there is concern that the knowledge, resources and tools your organizations have to offer is not reaching those that really need it to make informed decisions about their healthcare.  Consistently, we have heard, “Who are the unreached and how can we reach them?”

Populations of people may be unreached because of: age, geography, ethnicity, cultural background, socio-economic status and many other factors.  The unreached may know resources exist but are unable to access and/or navigate technology or they may find the amount of information overwhelming or they don’t understand the information they do find.  The unreached may not know that the answers they are looking for exist at all and could be easily found through a trusted advocacy organization.

Innovation Impact poster


Through the 2016 Innovation Impact award program, Celgene seeks to dramatically increase the patient and professional advocacy community’s reach to the unreached so that knowledge may be shared, information exchanged and life-changing decisions can be made.

Click here  to read more about unreached populations which may inspire your 2016 Innovation Impact application.

Click here  to read more about the exciting new features added to the 2016 Innovation Impact award program, including: video applications, access to a uniquely qualified strategy and innovation coach.

Award winning videos and applications will demonstrably improve, enhance or transform patient lives and will exhibit innovative, creative and “outside the box” thinking to reach populations of people who may be unreached because of age, geography, ethnicity, cultural background, socio-economic status, and many other factors.

  • First Round: Applicants are invited to submit a three to four minute video (absolute maximum of five minutes) explaining how they will reach an identifiable unreached community of people and how the proposed initiative will impact this population. Directions for submitting your video can be found here.
  • Second Round: Top Ten finalists will submit a written application and budget discussing their initiative in greater detail. A montage of the Top Ten finalists’ videos will be featured on Celgene’s Innovation Impact website.
  • Final Round: External panel of judges  will select the three best applications, regardless of disease area, each of whom will be awarded $100,000 for their initiative.

Video applications will only be accepted online through this website.