Access to Medicine

Providing Critical Treatment Access

At Celgene, we believe that a commitment to medical progress must go hand-in-hand with a corresponding promise to ensure that patients who can benefit from our discoveries have the opportunity to do so. We deliver on our promise to put patients first through our patient assistance programs, access to clinical trials and support for education and charitable programs.

Celgene Patient Support®

Celgene Patient Support is a free US-based service that provides patients a dedicated, central point of contact, working through multiple channels to ensure access to Celgene medications. No matter what type of insurance patients have, Patient Support helps them access the Celgene therapies their physicians have prescribed. Each Celgene Patient Support specialist is assigned to a physician’s office across the entire US in order to provide personal and direct support from a single source. Our assistance services include a full range of programs that help to:

  • Reduce co-pay responsibility to $25 or less for eligible patients
  • Connect Medicare patients with third-party organizations to help with the cost of their Celgene medicine
  • Locate financial assistance for transportation costs through third-party organizations
  • Assess a patient’s eligibility for Medicaid and/or alternative coverage if no coverage exists

Health Strategies Group has determined that Celgene Patient Support is the #1 rated patient assistance program among oncology companies. The following are key achievements of Celgene Patient Support:

  • Four out of five patients who request our help receive their Celgene medication
  • More than $750 million in free medications has been provided since 2007
  • More than 50,000 patients have received assistance since 2007
  • Fast Track for First Prescription, a program designed to help patients receive their first prescription faster, was launched in 2012

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Co-pay Assistance

As part of Celgene’s patient support programs, we support co-pay assistance foundations. Not all patients are able to afford their medication, even with the assistance of medical insurance. For many of these patients, there are programs and foundations designed to help cover co-payments and out-of-pocket expenses.

While Celgene is unable to influence decisions by organizations on providing assistance, we do the best we can to make sure patients have access to all possible co-pay assistance tools. To learn more about co-pay assistance programs, patients can reach Celgene Patient Support® at 1-800-931-8691 or by visiting

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Clinical Trials

Learn more about how we ensure patients have access to more than 300 clinical trials worldwide, evaluating our novel therapies. You can also find out more about clinical trials by visiting

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