Sustainability Governance

The Sustainability Committee is Celgene’s cross-departmental leadership group that is responsible for decision making on corporate responsibility-related topics and reviewing the progress of environmental initiatives, stakeholder engagement, reporting and other items as deemed appropriate. The Committee members are directly appointed by the Chief Executive Officer and include representatives of the Corporate Services, Finance, Technical Operations, Human Resources, Global Health, Corporate Affairs, Legal and the Global Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) departments.

The Sustainability Committee reviews and approves Celgene’s annual Corporate Responsibility Report and serves as the liaison to outside organizations and programs focused on corporate responsibility, such as the CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Committee is also responsible for approving any updates to the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy, which directs sustainability-related initiatives. At least annually a report on corporate responsibility and sustainability is provided to the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors. Specific information related to Celgene’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy can be found here.

The Committee provides direct oversight of various topics related to the initiatives focused on corporate responsibility that Celgene has interest in or has in the planning or implementation phases. This includes proactive outreach to stakeholders, environmental data collection and reporting results from discussions with executive-level management. The Committee provides twice-a-year updates on sustainability issues and activities to the Celgene Executive Committee, the company’s senior most management team.

The approved policies, actions and strategies from the Committee are delegated to respective departments to execute them. Employees are informed through internal communications and, depending upon the department, are also included in training on the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy. Stakeholders and employees are encouraged to direct all communications to the Committee via email at

Risk management is a central part of Celgene’s corporate policy, and risk management efforts have been expanded to include sustainability risks to enhance environmental compliance. Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy dictates appropriate steps that departments take to identify, analyze, plan and prioritize risk so that appropriate actions can be implemented.

The Sustainability Committee reviews these potential risks and necessary actions to account for them in our business strategies. Environmental risk is reviewed annually during the formation of our disclosure to the CDP; social risk items and topics such as access to medicine and corporate giving are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

As a means of improving and enhancing the Committee members’ knowledge of various topics related to sustainability and corporate responsibility, members are encouraged to participate in external education sessions and conferences focused on these topics. Members also participate in educational sessions that cover numerous and various topics during internal meetings. Most common topics include corporate giving strategies, stakeholder engagement, health and safety performance and access to medicine projects.

Celgene Sustainability Committee

Richard Bagger, Chair
Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Market Access
Zeba Khan
Vice President of Corporate Responsibility
Carol Thompson
Senior Director of Human Resources
Anne Coogan
Director of Environmental, Health and Safety
Bernard Gianola
Associate Director of Environmental, Health and Safety
Lisa Hayes
Director of Investor Relations
Vikram Khetani
Executive Director of Drug Development
Douglas MacGorman
Senior Director of Engineering, Construction and Carbon Management
Thomas Perone
Vice President of Legal