Charitable and Philanthropic Contributions FAQ

Celgene is socially minded through its contributions to civic and philanthropic grants to qualified organizations with programs that benefit and enhance their communities.

The program areas given consideration include:

  • Civic and community programs or projects that enhance the quality of life in their areas
  • Global health access
  • Education, including STEM-based initiatives

Please see below for additional questions/answers:

What is the process for applying for funding?

Projects or programs are considered based on a grant proposal submitted online here.

Which types of organizations are eligible to receive grants?

Civic and philanthropic contributions program currently limits our scope to nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations based in the United States.

What are the company’s areas of focus?

Celgene considers grants funding projects or programs for work focused on civic and community programs or projects that enhance the quality of life in their areas; programs designed to further global health access; and education including STEM-based initiatives.

Are there any exclusion criteria, or types of requests Celgene will not support?

Only certain types of organizations are eligible to receive grants. To learn more about the application requirements, click here.

Can I start the online proposal form and come back to it later if I don’t finish?

No. You must complete all fields to submit.

Can I submit my proposal on paper?

No. All proposals must be submitted online here.

How do I submit a signed W-9?

The W9 is available from the IRS Web site and can be submitted as supplementary information to

Should I print a copy of my submission for my records?

Yes. Once your proposal is complete, you will have an option to print it before submitting. You should also print and keep a copy of the confirmation page indicating that your proposal was successfully submitted.

If I received funding in the past, does that mean I am guaranteed funding for future programs?

No. Each project or program is considered for funding independently based on a variety of guidelines and criteria.