Organ & Tissue Therapeutics

The Organ & Tissue Therapeutics (OTT) unit of Celgene Cellular Therapeutics (CCT) is dedicated to developing innovative engineered tissue and biomaterial approaches for the many challenges in regenerative medicine.  We are actively exploring new ways to restore tissue or organ function using a key building block uniquely suited to this purpose:  extracellular matrix (ECM), the non-cellular part of tissue that provides structural support to cells. CCT’s technology platform, human placental ECM, is a highly versatile biomaterial that can be formulated and configured into a number of products with potential applications in various therapeutic areas. ECM-based devices for advanced wound care are the initial product focus (sheet, particulate, and flowable matrix configurations) offering rapid commercialization opportunities with significant potential for patients.

BIOVANCE® is a decellularized and dehydrated topically-applied wound covering produced from human amniotic membrane. BIOVANCE® is derived from a natural human source: the placenta of a normal, full-term pregnancy.

In addition to wound care, additional product diversification opportunities exist for ECM-based devices in orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery.

In a discovery program for utilization within the emerging field of regenerative medicine, ECM is being assessed as a scaffold in combination with cells for creating bioengineered tissues and organoids.

OTT has also pioneered methods for decellularizing, renovating and repopulating organs and tissues, as well as for the synthesis of tissue scaffolds.

CCT is interested in exploring commercial partnerships and co-development opportunities for products derived from the ECM technology platform.