Cell Therapy

Celgene Cellular Therapeutics (CCT) is at the forefront of cell therapy research and development. Our lead cell therapy candidates are derived from healthy, full-term placenta, a remarkable organ shared by mother and baby.  From this “immunologically privileged” source, we have generated novel cell therapy candidates with immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, angiogenic and reparative properties.

CCT’s placenta-derived adherent cells (PDAC® cells) have been extensively characterized (see our Publications) and display multiple activities including the ability to stimulate natural repair processes, with the potential to transform the treatment of a broad range of serious debilitating diseases including autoimmune, vascular and neurodegenerative disorders. Specific formulations of PDAC® cells are our lead clinical candidates PDA-001 (intravenous) and PDA-002 (intramuscular), currently in clinical trials for Crohn’s disease, Peripheral Artery Disease with Diabetic Foot Ulcer and other indications.

Cell therapy research teams focus on the discovery and early development of novel cell-based therapeutics. We have developed a portfolio of unique clinical candidates with broad therapeutic potential, including human placenta-derived stem cells (HPDSC), natural killer (NK) cells and amnion-derived adherent cells (AMDAC® cells).  We are industry leaders in adult stem cell isolation, cell culture, characterization, functional interpretation and translational medicine.  Our state-of-the-art in vitro, preclinical and translational biology approaches conducted in-house and in collaboration with international expert groups, are specifically designed to elucidate the complex mechanisms that are associated with live cell-based therapeutics

We are constantly searching for new ways to bring innovative solutions to unmet medical needs.  Celgene is a leader in cancer treatments, and we are investigating novel cell therapies to expand this arsenal, both in-house and through alliances with other leaders. Our collaborations with bluebird bio and Baylor College of Medicine on chimeric antigen receptor-modified T-cell-based  (CAR T) therapies – genetically modifying a patient’s own cells to fight cancer — have the potential to revolutionize patient care in a range of hematological and solid malignancies.

CCT is proud to work with federal research agencies and has been a performer for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) since 2008. CCT has led two international consortia to develop advanced stem cell manufacturing and differentiation methods and hematopoietic stem cell-based therapeutic concepts and product candidates, leading to breakthrough findings in these areas.

CCT is a world leader in cell therapy process development and clinical manufacturing.  We possess in-house GMP facilities and development laboratories for processing allogeneic and autologous cells from a variety of cell sources while maintaining the highest level of regulatory compliance. We have broad experience in developing, optimizing, scaling up and validating cell therapy processes and assays, from donor tissue procurement through product supply and distribution. Our integrated Technical Operations laboratories and staff share the same location, enabling us to gain process understanding from production operations and to translate development activities into manufacturing science. In summary, CCT Technical Operations has all systems, personnel, facilities, and capabilities necessary for taking a cell therapy product from discovery into the clinic and to commercialization.