Celgene Cellular Therapeutics

Our Vision:

Transforming the treatment of debilitating and life-threatening diseases through novel cellular therapeutics by

  • Harnessing the disease-modifying and regenerative capabilities of stem cells derived from the placenta
  • Developing a broad and deep pipeline of unique and useful cellular therapies

Our History:

Celgene Cellular Therapeutics (CCT) became part of the Celgene family in 2003, when Celgene acquired Anthrogenesis, the pioneering company founded by Robert Hariri, MD, PhD, to unlock the vast medical potential of the human placenta. We are unrivaled in our placenta procurement system, our robust science and manufacturing and our IP portfolio.

Celgene Cellular Therapeutics (CCT) is a leader in cell therapy and regenerative medicine, pioneering the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for unmet medical needs. CCT’s placenta-derived adherent cells are in clinical development for Crohn’s disease (PDA-001) and peripheral artery disease in patients with diabetic foot ulcers (PDA-002). In addition, CCT’s human placenta-derived stem cells (HPDSC) in combination with cord blood transplants are in clinical trials for a variety of hematologic diseases.

CCT is also actively engaged in the field of organ and tissue regeneration, including advanced wound care, and organoids with potential medical utility. CCT has developed significant in-house manufacturing expertise in building our portfolio of innovative cell therapies and organ and tissue-based products. CCT also seeks to enhance its pipeline through collaborations.

Have a closer look at our core units: Cell Therapy, and Organ & Tissue Therapeutics.