Clinical Trials

Changing the course of human health through bold pursuits in science

As the needs of patients worldwide evolve, Celgene remains dedicated to meeting those needs. Our mission is to use our research to reach those around the globe who experience serious and life-threatening diseases. Clinical trials are a critical part of our research and development pipeline, ensuring that the life-saving treatments that reach patients are both safe and effective. Our research and development team works in collaboration with our patient safety team to ensure that patients who participate are involved in safe, well-planned studies.
Celgene-sponsored Clinical Trials
Celgene currently sponsors more than 100 clinical trials examining at least 25 unique compounds. Approximately 28,000 patients are actively enrolled in Celgene-sponsored clinical trials, for more than 50 different indications. The corresponding treatments are aimed at addressing the unmet needs of 25 million people worldwide in more than 30 disease areas.
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Investigator-initiated Clinical Trials
In addition, we support more than 500 investigator-initiated trials that use approved therapies or investigational compounds from Celgene.
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Expanded Access
For patients with unmet medical need who are unable to access our investigational products through a clinical trial, Celgene may be able to provide access through an Expanded Access Program (in compliance with applicable laws). Treating physicians may request information on Expanded Access by contacting Celgene’s Medical Information department at 1-888-771-0141 or 1-908-673-9800 or using the online request form.